Shower Thoughts

Random yet insightful epiphanies.

Shower Thoughts

Random yet insightful epiphanies.

Reddit’s r/showerthoughts encourages users to post random yet insightful epiphanies had while navigating their morning shower. We sifted through the fluff to find the winners.

“Since Interstellar released, only 56 minutes have passed on Miller’s planet.”


“Jurassic Park’s main lesson is about the dangers of mistreating your IT department.”


“The universe is 13.8 billion years old. Jeff Bezos has made more than $10 for every year the universe has existed.”


“A wheel chair is a chair with wheels attached; a Ferris Wheel is a wheel with chairs attached.”


“Wearing a robe inside looks rich, wearing one outside looks poor.”


“Somewhere out there are billions of plastic 35mm film canisters, patiently waiting to be unearthed by archeologists.”


“Once humans have lived on Mars for long enough, a Martian accent will develop.”


“The reason the washing machine only ever eats one sock is because when it eats a pair we don’t notice it.”


“Forcefully hanging up the phone has become increasingly less dramatic with each major increase in telecommunication technology.”


“Before AI becomes smarter than humans there will probably be a hilarious transition period where AI is exactly as smart as the average human.”


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