The Edwin Hotel

A boutique luxury hotel in the heart of Chattanooga.

The Edwin Hotel

A boutique luxury hotel in the heart of Chattanooga.

A Boutique Experience in Chattanooga.

Located in the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, The Edwin Hotel offers a unique boutique experience that blends modern luxury with the city’s historic charm. The hotel, which opened its doors in 2018, is named after Edwin Thacher, the engineer responsible for the construction of the iconic Walnut Street Bridge that connects downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore. Like the bridge, The Edwin is a symbol of the city’s resilience, beauty, and innovation.

The Edwin Hotel Room
The Edwin Hotel

Design and Amenities

The Edwin Hotel’s design is a celebration of Chattanooga’s industrial heritage and natural beauty. The hotel’s 90 guest rooms feature exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and steel accents that pay homage to the city’s manufacturing past. The rooms are spacious, with high ceilings and large windows that provide stunning views of the Tennessee River and the surrounding mountains.
Each room is equipped with modern amenities, including a 55-inch smart TV, a Keurig coffee maker, and a Bluetooth speaker. The bathrooms are luxurious, with rain showers and C.O. Bigelow bath products.

The hotel’s public spaces are equally impressive. The lobby features a stunning chandelier made of glass bottles, a nod to Chattanooga’s reputation as the birthplace of the Coca-Cola bottling industry. The Whiskey Thief, the hotel’s rooftop bar, offers panoramic views of the city and serves an extensive selection of bourbons and whiskeys. Whitebird, the hotel’s restaurant, offers a farm-to-table menu that highlights local ingredients and Southern flavors.

The Edwin Hotel, Downtown Chattanooga
The Edwin Hotel

Location and Activities

The Edwin Hotel is located in the heart of Chattanooga’s vibrant downtown, making it the perfect base for exploring the city’s many attractions. The Tennessee Aquarium, one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, is just a few blocks away. The aquarium is home to over 12,000 animals, including river otters, penguins, and alligators.

Other nearby attractions include the Creative Discovery Museum, the Hunter Art Museum, and the Chattanooga Choo Choo. The latter is a historic train station that has been converted into a hotel and entertainment complex. Visitors can take a tour of the station, ride a vintage train, or stay overnight in one of the converted train cars.

Chattanooga is also known for its outdoor activities. The city is surrounded by mountains, making it a popular destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby Lookout Mountain offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding countryside. The mountain is also home to several attractions, including Rock City, a natural rock formation with gardens and waterfalls, and the Incline Railway, a steep funicular that takes visitors to the top of the mountain.

The Edwin Hotel Exterior
The Edwin Hotel

Service and Staff

The Edwin Hotel is known for its public art gallery that features original pieces of work from over 75 (mostly local) artists, as well as a large team of friendly staff committed to providing exceptional service. The hotel’s staff members are passionate about Chattanooga and are always happy to pass along their knowledge of the city’s history, culture, and attractions with guests. The hotel’s concierge can arrange tours, activities, and restaurant reservations, making it easy for guests to explore the city.

The Edwin Hotel Pool
The Edwin Hotel

The hotel also offers a range of services and amenities that make it easy for guests to relax and recharge. The Spa at The Edwin offers a range of treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps. The fitness center is open 24 hours a day and is equipped with modern workout equipment, including Peloton bikes and a TRX training system.


The Edwin Hotel is committed to sustainability and has implemented several eco-friendly practices to reduce its environmental impact. The hotel’s rooftop is home to a 1,300-square-foot garden, where the hotel’s chefs grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits that are used in the hotel’s restaurant. The hotel also has a recycling program and uses energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.

In addition, The Edwin Hotel has partnered with local organizations to support environmental conservation efforts. For example, the hotel has partnered with the Tennessee Aquarium to support its conservation initiatives, including the rehabilitation of injured and sick sea turtles.

Whiskey Thief Rooftop Bar

Whiskey Thief is the Edwin Hotel’s popular rooftop bar and cornerstone attraction. This bar offers a unique and upscale experience for both locals and tourists alike, with its stunning panoramic views of the city and its wide selection of high-quality whiskey and bourbon.

The bar’s atmosphere is chic and sophisticated, with an industrial feel that pays homage to the city’s history. The interior design features exposed brick walls, steel accents, and wooden fixtures that give the space a warm and inviting feel. Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide guests with a breathtaking view of the Tennessee River and the surrounding mountains.

Whiskey Thief Rooftop Bar - Edwin Hotel
Whiskey Thief / Edwin Hotel

The Whiskey Thief’s menu is focused on high-quality whiskey and bourbon. The bar offers a wide selection of over 100 varieties of bourbon, ranging from classics like Maker’s Mark to rare and hard-to-find labels like Pappy Van Winkle. In addition to bourbon, the bar also offers a selection of craft cocktails, beer, and wine, and the bartenders are knowledgeable enough to recommend the perfect drink to suit your taste.

In addition to its impressive selection of drinks, The Whiskey Thief also offers a food menu that features Southern-inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The menu includes classic dishes like shrimp and grits and fried chicken, as well as unique options like the Tennessee Hot Brown, a twist on the classic sandwich that includes pulled pork and jalapeno cream sauce.

The bar’s rooftop location also makes it an ideal spot for events and gatherings. The space is large enough to accommodate groups of all sizes, from small intimate gatherings to large corporate events. The bar’s private event space can accommodate up to 100 guests and offers stunning views of the city.

The Edwin Hotel offers a unique and luxurious boutique experience in the heart of Chattanooga. Its combination of modern amenities and historic charm, along with its exceptional service and commitment to sustainability, make it a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers. Whether you are looking to explore the city’s many attractions, relax in the hotel’s spa, or enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop bar, The Edwin Hotel is the perfect choice for your next visit to Chattanooga.

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