The 8 Best Whiskey Subscription Boxes

The gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

The 8 Best Whiskey Subscription Boxes

The gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

It’s almost time to toast to the new year. But what if you enjoy your whiskey even when you’re not celebrating? To help satiate your thirst for unique, flavorful, and affordable whiskey, we’ve compiled eight of the best whiskey subscription boxes you can find. 


Best Overall: Flaviar

Flaviar’s main goal is to help whiskey lovers diversify their tastes in spirits. They tout an impressive track record with customer service and have sent over two million mini bottles to date. Every three months, you’ll receive a sample box that includes three ounce and a half ounce mini bottles and one full-sized bottle. 

You’ll also get complimentary bottles, invites to tastings, and access to their online shop of over 20,000 spirits. It’s $41 a month to try it out (if you’re scared of commitment) or $25 a month if you commit to a year.


Best for Variety: PourMore

PourMore is great if you’re really impatient and can’t wait three months to delve into something different. Similar to Flaviar, the goal is to educate you and boost your spirit knowledge. 

Each shipment contains one 750mL bottle, complete with facts about the spirit and distillery. You can order one bottle a month or one every two months. There are three different membership tiers: Intro ($49 per shipment), Explorer ($79), and Enthusiast ($129). Now all you need are cool club jackets. 

Tasters Club

Best for the Adventurous: Taster’s Club

If you like to take risks and aren’t afraid of trying things that are out of the box (shipment pun, not on purpose), then Taster’s Club is your Joker’s Wild. Memberships start at $44 per month, where you’ll receive a full 750mL mystery bottle straight to your door. You’ll also get info about the bottle and where it was born, the reason it was chosen, and most importantly, recommendations on how to enjoy it.

Craft Whiskey Club

Best for Foodies: Craft Whiskey Club

If you’re a food lover—because, who isn’t?—this box will excite you. What sets this subscription apart from the others is you’ll get information on what food goes best with the months’ delivery (you know, food pairings). You can get one bottle a month, or if you like to compare flavor profiles, you can get two at a time every other month. 

Membership starts at $49.99 a month and also includes access to an online community where you can chat with fellow enthusiasts and experts.


Best for Rare Whiskies: Caskers

If you’re looking for the chupacabra of whiskey, this is probably where you’ll find it. Caskers focuses on delivering unique and rare liquors from all over the world. Each quarterly delivery comes with two full-sized bottles, tasting notes, backstory, and how best to enjoy. 

You have a choice of memberships that start out at $146 monthly: The American Whiskey Club, which focuses on American homegrown whiskey, and The World of Whiskey, which pulls from different countries around the globe. Club members also get access to new and rare whiskey arrivals.

Crafted Taste

Best for Experimenters: Crafted Taste

If you’re trying to make your own at-home speakeasy, look no further. Each month focuses on a specialty drink and includes the recipe, ingredients, and a full bottle of alcohol to help grow your home bar.

There are three different month-to-month membership options ranging from $100 to $200. A Mixers membership is sans alcohol and costs $100, while the Full Kit runs around $150 a month. Premium is everything in the Full Kit, plus extra perks like an upgraded bottle or complimentary spirit to enhance your recipe. 

Mash and Grape

Best for Gifting: Mash & Grape MashBox

Wouldn’t “Santa” be thrilled to see a MashBox instead of cookies and milk on Christmas Eve?

MashBox offers more than just whiskey. This subscription box makes a great gift (for you or other people) because you can choose the type of alcohol for the receiver, and the people at MashBox will handpick a special bottle to send out. They’ll also send a personalized note complete with tasting and distillery info. Memberships start at $69 per month, and you can prepay for three, six, or twelve-month shipments. 

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Best for Enthusiasts: Scotch Malt Whisky Society

This isn’t a club, it’s a society. This is like the Scottish Highlands Mafia, but in a good way. When you sign up for the society, you’re signing up to get dunked head-first into a cask of knowledge so deep you’ll never stop sipping. That being said, this is more about whisky education than a monthly bottle subscription, though each month they unveil a selection of 20 or so single-cask whiskies which only members can purchase. 

A yearly membership will cost you around $99 and includes their monthly digital publication Unfiltered, virtual whiskey tastings, private forums to engage with experts and members, access to rooms in the UK, and tasting events across the US. 

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