A Look Back At The Best Jameson Whiskey Commercials

John Jameson and his beloved whiskey.

A Look Back At The Best Jameson Whiskey Commercials

John Jameson and his beloved whiskey.

As a father of two daughters, the bedtime ritual typically includes watching clips on YouTube of cats doing semi-funny things for a few minutes before their mother walks into the bedroom to put an abrupt end to the festivities. Friday nights, however, are sometimes different. About once a month, my 10 year old daughter and I watch 5 Jameson Whiskey commercials back to back (alcohol is bad, i’ve preached to her on many occasions). Jameson Irish whiskey itself isn’t as important as the brand’s hyperbolic storytelling of the legendary John Jameson going to extraordinary lengths to protect his beloved whiskey. We have a laugh, she goes to sleep, and I head to the kitchen for a short pour of Jameson Whiskey.

I love whiskey, possibly more than I love my first sip of coffee at 5:30am. What I love even more than whiskey, however, is brilliant marketing. And Jameson Whiskey has nailed it since their “Lost Barrel” commercial first aired in 2009. Check out the 5 best Jameson Whiskey commercials below and perhaps watch them with someone other than your fourth grade daughter.

Legendary Tales | Lost Barrel

“A funeral was held; All of Ireland was in attendance. Including John Jameson.”

The Great Fire Of 1789

“In the end, the not-so-brilliant plan saved the whiskey. And all of Ireland agreed, catastrophe averted.”

The Hawk of Achill

“And in the end, the pursuit of the whiskey would prove foolish….for the Hawk of Achill.”

Iron Horse

“Selflessly, he rescued his whiskey. And for good measure, he set the Iron Horse free to roam greener pastures. Coincidentally saving all of Ireland from the Prussian Incursion of 1807. Which is the reason why nobody has ever heard of the Prussian Incursion of 1807.”

Scully Was To Blame

“Then again, every one knows that Jameson is smoother because its distilled three times. Everyone it seems except Bill Scully.”

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